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Are you new to Sexting? Well, that is possible but that never means that you will have to worry about this. This is not rocket science. It is a mere replacement of physical sex when sex is not a viable option. Having said that, it requires a bit of explanation we guess!

Have you ever faced a situation when at night you feel that inexplicable urge to make love with the person you love, want or dream of? There is nothing wrong in that. As humans, every one of us feel the same way at one point of the time or other and it is not necessary that our sexual orientation has to be straight. Homosexuals, gays and even lesbians feel this urge and at those moments of ecstasy, all that they look for is their partner. Deep breathing, emotions overpowering mind, seemingly uncontrollable pulsation, the overmastering desire of holding that person close are eventually taken aback by emptiness just because that person is not around to reciprocate!

In situations like these, Sexting can manage to replace real sex and bridge the gap between that slew of emotions and absence of your desired person. Sexting is nothing but sex texting which can be further explained as exchange of sexually explicit text message or images or videos between two people. Sexting is the instrument which gives those emotions a shape of imagination where sex becomes a game of mind with a trickledown effect on the body despite the fact that the person you are longing for is not present physically. Got the idea?

Sexting is not an historic event while sex itself is. Sending sexually explicit messages came to existence as technology evolved in form of mobile phones and internet. However, mobile phones remain the most widely used medium. So, Sexting can be dated back to the time when mobile phones and text messaging came into existence. However, the first formal use of the word “Sexting” can be traced back to the year 2005. The word was used in an article published in Sunday Telegraph Magazine.
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