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GIRLS SEXTING - Sext and trade Pics with Dirty Texting Girls!

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Before we start, we need to say that this article is intended “only for adults” and if you are a minor or adult content offends you, you should not be reading this. Now that we have issued a warning, we can proceed with the topic and find out what precisely Sex Texting is!

Sex Texting is often referred to as Sexting (pronounced as Sex-ting). This is an act of exchanging sexually explicit text message between two adults. The content may contain only words or both words and images. Such messages may even contain sexually explicit videos.

Sexting is a deliberate act where individuals involved send dirty texts, pics or videos related to them to the other partner involved in act. So, the question which comes next is, “why do people indulge in Sexting?” Sexual fantasies, lust, desire to have sex are very human but sex may not be a feasible option always. There may be multiple reasons for this for instance, the Sexting partners may not be married or living together, one of the partners may be away for some business or job requirement or other reasons!
This is where Sexting replaces sex and to some extent satiates the urge for physical closeness. Though it is not capable of providing the degree of intimacy available in one-on-one discreet sex, it still manages to provide a profound sense of closeness and lovemaking by evoking the power of imagination where the body responds to the images created in mind.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Sexting is not necessarily an act of exchanging sexually messages between:

This means that people willing to have sex chat via sexting can just do that through various communities and it is not necessary that people will know each other. It is also not necessary that people need to have straight sexual orientation and finally, people may also get involved in group sex chat.  Everything depends on preference apart from willingness of the person interested in Sexting. You may check out one such popular service This service is meant only for adults.