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Men engage in Sexting! Why so? There can be a number of reasons for this and it is not necessary that every man will have the same reason behind Sexting. Intentions can vary depending upon the situation in hand. Our intention here is to find out the possible answers to the word “why”.

One of the most prime reasons here is to satisfy their urge to have sex when the desired partner is not physically present. Sexting in this scenario gives the necessary hormonal boost to satiate the physical urge even though it takes place through mind’s power of vivid imagination triggered by sexually explicit text messages, images or videos.

The other possible reason can be to increase the opportunity of real sex with women they desire to be their partner but never had sex with them. In other words, men use Sexting as an instrument which can help women to take the bold step which otherwise remains a victim of mental blockage and fear of society.

Despite of what has been said in the above two points, the most important reason why men engage in sexting is that they often try to understand the likes and dislikes of women in bedroom. This is very essential because of the fact that understanding women’s needs and preferences in bedroom can only help in improving the sexual relationship between two partners. When men sext, they take a mental note of what women like or what they do not like and prepare themselves accordingly.
Yet another reason why men engage in Sexting is that they use sext as a medium of complimenting the body of their partner. Women definitely like their body to be complimented and Sexting is one of the best methods to do so.

Sexting is often looked upon by men as a method of sharing fantasies and finding out whether their partners share the same idea or are interested in trying out something new and daring in bedroom. This also gives the necessary passage to women to open up and share their fantasies and views.

Sometimes men perceive Sexting as a medium of fun or a method of dealing with loneliness. If that is what you intend to do, you may try out the service provided by This service is however meant only for adults.